That’s me. I’ve been called a lot of things in my life, most of them not nice, but Hutch is what I go by, more out of necessity than choice. That’s what everyone calls me. My life has been as varied as it has been entertaining. I started out in life as a firefighter and then moved over to law enforcement. Along the way I picked up a BA and then an MA in History and an MS in Criminal Justice. More for fun than anything else. Then one day I suffered a career ending injury. Thankfully I’d been teaching part time for a community college for several years already, and so I just kept it up. It’s tough given my pain levels (I am also newly diagnosed with an incurable disorder that, while not fatal, makes one wish it was when it having flare ups), but I’m a fighter and it takes more than pain to keep me down.

In grad school I focused on European Military History. My interests range from the American Civil War to World War 2 to Imperial Russia. My favorite things are books, cats, and redheads, but not necessarily in that order. I speak enough Russian and German to get by. I have a hard enough time with English and I’m a native speaker.